Supportive Housing Saves

Jordan Easterling

Criminalizing the homeless surpasses what the cost of housing and helping these people could be.


Housing Matters, an Urban Institute Initiative, recently released information on the impact of homeless encampments on city budgets and the results are eye-opening. A single person experiencing homelessness may cost over $30,000 per year, while providing supportive housing is $10,000 per year. Supportive housing also appears to result in reduced use of other city services, such as detoxification services.

"Homes at Waller and Pierce St. in San Francisco" by Moosemax9 is licensed under CC BY4.0

Although challenges with permitting and other regulatory hurdles still need to be addressed, recent projects in San Francisco show project timelines could be cut in half at 65% of the typical cost.


The increase in supply from better building methods, such as prefabricated construction, can reduce city spend and help people in need.

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