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Stop Settling for Shop Problems

Whether you run a shop, work at a shop or build components for a shop, you know the reality—prefab was supposed to completely streamline construction, but instead limits its own potential with a whole host of unique problems.

Solve Shop Problems

From design to delivery, we connect teams and harness the untapped power of your shop. Use real data to solve, uncover and prevent bottlenecking at any point in your process, across production, scheduling and QA/QC. Meet your deadlines, increase quality and efficiency, and grow your business.

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Logistics – Inventory management – Material Procurement – Scheduling – Fabrication

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Built for Shop Managers

Managing a prefab shop can feel like you’re going it alone. When your production teams ask what’s next, Building Swell provides the solutions to keep them on track while freeing you up to plan several moves ahead.

For Modular or Prefab

Fabrication – Scheduling – Material Procurement –Inventory management – Logistics

Modular Builders


Whether you assemble everything on-site, or just certain off-site products, production and delivery has to sync with the team on the ground. Innovative building takes innovative software customized to fit your modern workflows, capture construction workflows in a more vertical approach, and blend new materials and scopes.



Retain more of your employees and train them faster with step-by-step instructions that cut time in half—time you and your team could dedicate towards actual production.



With all that cutting-edge equipment youbought and assembly happening onsite with third-party inspectors, why are youstill bogged down by basics like drying paint? Continuously improve your modrate and move through projects faster with Building Swell.




Empower teams to getstarted sooner and finish faster with all the info they need on the nextproject in one place—next steps, contract admin documents, paired shopdrawings, material lists and more.


Your projects rely on complex custom products, and waiting on them can easily lead to slowdowns. When changes hit, adjust quickly and easily while keeping your team completely in sync.


Make the most of that new equipment expected to shave days off your fab, while keeping teams happy because they get to keep working. We source out the slowdowns and redouble your focus on what matters.


Continuously measuring data means your team can stay one step ahead of the material lead times and QC tracking that risks puts them behind now.

Glazing + More

Get rid of the long waiting list and the turnaround times that bottleneck the build of your client. Let your on-site teams focus on the exacting installation required by complex window systems, and more.