A New Wave

Construction is changing.

A product-centric approach is ushering in a new era, allowing contractors to regain control of their projects. Modern builders fabricate offsite using sustainable materials with significantly less waste. Better methods lead to better schedules and lower costs.

Building a Better Future

Our mission is to radically change the way buildings are built. We build technology that promotes continuous improvement, empowers workers, and breaks down silos to promote better flow of information in the built environment.

We are

A team of engineers, builders, and technology experts from construction and manufacturing. BuildingSwell is purpose-built for industrialized construction teams by a team that's been there.

Our Founders

Our Founders

Jordan Easterling

CEO with 10+ years bringing cutting-edge technology to the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry—first as a forensic engineer, then for startups in the construction space. He’s worked on a range of AEC projects, from buildings in Antarctica to habitats on Mars. Most recently, he led technology and R&D at the nation’s leading volumetric modular construction firms.

Jason Sujjon

CTO with a 10+ year career building enterprise-grade software, he previously founded an ERP company for beverage manufacturers, as well as an early web-based video game company. He’s also led teams and driven innovation at a variety of companies, from early-stage startups to S&P 500, across industries as diverse as hardware, manufacturing, and finance.

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