Prefab is Booming

the Building Swell team

If you talk to contractors throughout the construction sector, you'll hear the same thing: prefab is the key to staying relevant. Most expect to DOUBLE their prefab in the next 5 years, signaling really rapid growth. This approach is not only gaining traction in housing but is also becoming essential for large-scale projects like data centers and manufacturing facilities. According to the FMI 2024 Labor Productivity Study, 97% of respondents cited the need to save time as the primary driver for prefabrication demand, with 78% experiencing schedule savings.

Various project types will benefit from prefabrication. The housing sector, as seen in Sweden, has already embraced these methods, achieving impressive gains. In the U.S., the surge in data center construction, driven by companies like Google and Meta, is further pushing the need for faster building timelines. The demand for prefabrication in these sectors highlights its broad applicability and potential for widespread adoption.

The benefits of prefabrication are clear: improved quality, reduced schedule duration, and safer working environments. However, challenges remain, such as the need for better coordination among stakeholders and overcoming initial investment hurdles. Despite these challenges, the industry's shift towards more (and more efficient) prefab appears inevitable over the next few years and far into the future.


At Building Swell, we’re committed to helping teams navigate this transition. Our platform allows you to forecast shop capacity and plan teams effectively, ensuring projects stay on schedule even when site conditions change rapidly. With real-time insights, you can adapt quickly, maintaining productivity and quality across all your prefab projects.


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