Colorado Goes Modular

Jordan Easterling
Industry News

Colorado is facing a housing shortage and voters in the state are taking action. A measure passed in November 2022 allocating 0.1% of state income revenue to cover affordable housing projects, making way for the Innovative Housing Incentive Program. The program was announced on January 13th, 2022,and aims to support Colorado-based manufacturers that build innovative housing - using methods that range from volumetric modular, panelization, 3D printing, and more.


While state housing incentive programs are nothing new, this focus on modern methods speaks to both the huge demand, as well as the availability and efficacy of current manufacturers in Colorado addressing this problem.

"Modular Home in Desert" by Building Swell, Inc.

Much of the USA is experiencing a housing shortage, an estimated shortage of 5.5 million homes and many major cities experiencing a very high housing shortage. One of the biggest drivers here: cities of all sizes aredealing with severe underbuilding.

Better, more innovative building methods (such as prefabricated and modular construction) coupled with government action can help bolster the supply side and address the housing affordability crisis

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